Gold Grain Standard

"Our five-step gold grain standard ensures our products are the best they can be."

Gold Grain Seal

Our close relationships with the Eyre Peninsula grain-growing community span over 80 years. It means we know their farming and land maintenance practices extremely well.

100% of our grain comes from this region, which produces one of the richest and most diverse ranges of grains in Australia. Because we are centrally located in the Eyre Peninsula, we can work closely with the grain-growers, getting to know them and their crops.

The best soft flour comes from wheat from a particular region with higher rainfall. And we know from experience where to buy higher protein wheat, giving our bread flour an extra 0.5% of protein.

We only work with grain-growers who reach the Cummins Milling Gold Grain standard.
This is based on the following five criteria:



1. Consistent volume – can the grain-grower produce a consistent volume of grain for scaling up?
2. Purity of variety – is each variety of grain 'clean', showing no signs of other varieties of grain?
3. Grain specification – do grains have low moisture, high test weight, an acceptable protein range and low screenings?
4. On-farm storage hygiene – are grains stored in locations with no bugs or water damage?
5. Timing of delivery – can deliveries be spread throughout the year to cope with demand?
By having such tight controls on our raw materials we are confident that our flour and stockfeed products are the best they can be.